The Benefits of Buying a Used Car from Dealership

From private sellers, to used car dealerships, you have many choices when it comes to where you purchase your vehicle, but buying a used car from a new car dealer offers quite a few benefits. Here are just a few reasons to consider buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from your local dealer:
  1. Rigorous inspections. Certified pre-owned vehicles with a manufacturer's warranty generally have to meet higher mechanical, detailing and appearance standards. Make sure the dealership you're buying your used car from offers some kind of vehicle history report, like CARFAX®, to ensure it's worthy of the certification process.
  2. One-stop shopping. Big dealers have a big selection of used cars to choose from. Also, you can test drive as many vehicles as you want, safely. Buying from private sellers can be more time consuming and risky, since you're test driving with a stranger.
  3. Easier financing process. A dealer helps you complete credit applications right then and there, and is motivated to get you instant approval.
  4. No paperwork hassles. Since the dealer helps you complete all the paperwork, you don't need to stand in long lines at the DMV.
  5. At Toyota, buying a used car is easy. We are committed to putting the highest quality certified vehicles on the road. Each certified used vehicle must meet or exceed an intensive 160-point Quality Assurance Inspection to ensure that every one has that like-new look and feel that you would expect in a certified used vehicle.