Buy a Family Car Everyone Can Love

No longer the "family trucksters" of long ago, family cars are now sleek, chic and multi-functional. But just what is a good family car? These days, they come in a range of shapes and sizes, but you'll still probably want to avoid a two-seater of any variety. You'll also want to look for features that give your brood innovative technology and the things they need to enjoy the ride, such as:
  • Versatile seating options with room for your family's favorite gear, like bike and kayaks, plus seating for everyone – and maybe a friend or two.
  • State-of-the-art safety features, like advanced air bag systems, blind spot monitors, all-wheel drive (if you live in a climate that warrants it), anti-lock brakes, vehicle stability control systems, etc.
  • Technology options that can keep the whole family entertained during trips across town or across the country. USB ports let you play music or charge your go-to portable devices, while a good audio system and satellite radio give you more listening options and crystal-clear sound, and rear-seat DVD systems, complete with individual headphone jacks and power outlets, so your kids can charge their go-to devices even while they're in use.
  • Dark leather or fabric upholstery and dark flooring will hide a myriad of stains and spills – and if you're able to buy a family car with leather interior, clean-up will also be fast and easy.
  • Cup holders for every passenger. This way, no matter where your kids are seated, they'll always have access to their favorite form of hydration – and won't have to distract the driver if they need a drink.
Finally, if you're ready to buy a family car it can pay to consider a used vehicle. Because used car prices are lower, you can often get more of the family-friendly features you want – and get a better overall car for less than you would if you purchased a new car.