3 Tips for Buying the Most Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Making a big purchase is no easy task. And with gas prices on the rise, it's important to look beyond just the sticker price and consider how much that vehicle is going to cost you when it comes to filling up at the gas pump. But how do you find the most fuel efficient used car, while also finding one that fits your lifestyle?

Here are three easy tips for finding a fuel efficient used car:
  1. Think small. If you have a huge family or use a truck for work, a smaller vehicle with a smaller engine may not be realistic. But remember, a smaller engine size often means less fuel costs. A car with a four-cylinder engine, for example, is generally a more fuel efficient used car than one with a six- or eight-cylinder engine.
  2. Consider going "greener". Some people tend to shy away from hybrid vehicles, even though they may be able to save you money on gas every year. Today's advanced hybrid vehicles offer proven reliability and come in a range of styles—from compacts to SUVs. You may pay a little bit more upfront—but the savings at the gas station may be worth it.
  3. Buy newer. When buying a fuel efficient used car, it often pays to choose a later model year. Over the past few years, manufacturers have added a variety of technologies to help improve mileage and create more fuel efficient vehicles.